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- The Little Home of Armin Rump -

My idea is to use this space to post information that may be VERY useful to VERY few people.
However, I do my best to write with humour, so if you have some spare time, look around leasurely and read the less technical stuff.
Hint: The pages behind these files are quite long. If you can see a button on top "full window display", I recommend that you click this button to switch to a new window without frames, then choose "Armin" again.

MineJazz - the Best Music on the Planet. (Am I slightly biased here...??) Live in Tokyo!


  1. - Aiming at a future career in the global biotechnology business, I have set up a unique information service on the Japanese biotech industry.
  2. Japanese - This practical account of my Japanese language experience over the past three years may be interesting to more general readers as well. Take some time, please, don't read it in a hurry.
  3. E-Dictionary - Solving the Japanese language problem: A complete kit to tune your PDA pocket dictionary. Exciting but technical.
  4. My Bookmarks - Without a doubt the most practical page in the world. Links on Japan, Germany, Life Sciences, etc.

If you were looking for personal information and entertainment, I can't offer you any fancy programming or graphics. Yet, some of my friends do. Have a look around the remaining links:


  1. MineJazz - Yes, once again, in case you havn't clicked it yet.
  2. Armin der Cherusker - German history, where my name comes from and where it went.
  3. Brot - The secret to happiness and how to bake it.
  4. Trekking - Join us to climb Mountains around Tokyo and find useful information to go on your own. This page is contributed by Masumi.
  5. Friends - Some of these pages are really neat!
  6. Tsukushinbo - Our child care center in Southern Nagano: In case you get caught up between the Japanese Alps as badly as we did, be assured there are caring people around for the young ones.
  7. Experimental - For programming exercises and test I may (or may not) undertake
  8. Tokyo - My real home. Plus a few secret travel tips. In case you are in the area and share my hobbies. Well, used to my home years ago. Life goes on... Japanese E-Dictionary Friends Bookmarks
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