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Listing companies here does not imply a personal recommendation: With many I have made good experiences, but others I don't know.

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  • Startups and Small Firms

    Transgenic - mouse phenome project, Kumamoto
    PharmaDesign - Bioinformatics, Tokyo
    MBL - Antibodies, Nagoya
    NanoCarrier - Drug Delivery Systems, Tokyo
    Unitika - Sorbitol sensor (diabetis), cell fusion, other
    PBS - Pioneer Bio-Science, Tokyo
    Effector Cell Institute - Eosinophil homing, Tokyo
    Venture Mall - Biotech consulting, technology transfer, Tokyo

    GPC Biotech - Integrated Pharma/Biotech. Munich
    Morphosys - Combinatorial Biology. Munich
    ImmunoGenec - Cancer vaccines. Munich
    BASF-Lynx - Genomic profiling. Heidelberg
    M-Phasys - G-protein coupled receptors. Tuebingen
    Otogene - Hearing Impairment. Tuebingen
    Fenning - Immune diagnostics. Kirchzarten
    Switch Biotech - Innovations in Treatment of Skin Diseases. Munich
    EVOTEC BioSystems - Drug discovery: Genomics to Pharmacogenetics. Hamburg
    Genescan Europe - Expression profiling based on DNA chips. Freiburg
    Epidauros - SNP analysis. Munich
    Lion Bioscience - DNA sequence motive identification, protein structure prediction, database management and drug target identification. Heidelberg
    AGOWA, Berlin
    Biomax Informatics, Munich
    GATC, Constance
    Scil, Technology holding
    Quiagen, Hilden
    Ingenium (press report)
    Graffinity, protein topology, computer-aided drug design
    Hybrigenics - Proteomics. Paris, France
    deCode - Population genomics, Iceland
    Compugene - Genome interpretation, Israel
    Quark Biotech - Genome Database Services, Israel
    OctoPlus - Drug delivery and R&D support, Holland
    Nutec Science - Application service provider, bioinformatics
    Celera - Genome data

    Large Enterprises

    Japan - alphabetic
    Japan - Reserach Consortia
    Boehringer Ingelheim - Pharmaceuticals. Ingelheim, Germany
    Celltech - Biopharmaceuticals, UK

    Research Institutes

    RIKEN - Inst. of Physical and Chemical Research
    NEDO - New Energy and Industial Technology Development Organization
    CBRC - Computational Biology Research Center
    National Institute of Agrobiological Resources Genome Sciences Center, RIKEN

    GSF - Mathematical modelling of ecosystems; Protein structures; etc.
    MIPS, Max Planck Biochemie, Munich
    EMBL Heidelberg
    GBF Braunschweig
    MDC - Max Delbrueck Center, Berlin

    EBI - EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute, Hixton, GB


    Information Services

    I S B Informationssekretariat Biotechnologie, Dechema
    D I B Deutsche Industrievereinigung Biotechnologie, VCI
    German Magazines: - Going Public
    Quality of Life - European Commission, on Research
    AgriBio - Japan. By Shuji Hisano, Hokkaido
    World Trade Directory - Yokohama
    DBJ Hokkaido internet forum
    Tokyo University database of industry cooperations
    Biotechnology Resources - biotechnology related news, books and web resources by Hugh Metzler
    Mathtools - Directory of Genetics Companies
    D&MD (Drug and Market Development) - Publisher. USA
    Pharmalicensing - Technology licensing resource, company database
    InfoBiotech Canada - Biotechnology information, focusing on Canada
    BioWorld Online - Worldwide biotechnology news
    Institute for Biotechnology Information - US biotechnology phone book, business information
    Biotechnology Industry Organization - US business development directory
    National Biotechnology Information Facility - Comprehensive directory
    Martindale's - Medical libtary
    Medical Devices - Venture directory

    Finance / Venture Capitalists

    TVM - Techno Venture Nanagement, Munich, Germany - Life Science Page
    Technologie-Beteiligungs GmbH - Venture capital. Bonn, Germany
    Technostart - Venture capital. Ludwigsburg, Germany
    3i - Venture capital. GB
    Fujisawa Investment - Investment in US drug research startups. Subsidary of Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals
    CSK - Venture capital, Japan
    Agriculture Technology Partners - Venture capital. New York
    ARCH Venture Partners - Venture capital. USA
    Venrock Associates - Venture capital. USA
    Euclid Partners - Early state venture capital. USA

    Assiciations / Governmental

    MITI Venture Capital: article VEC DBJ
    Japan Bioindustry Association - Trade Fairs etc.
    Japan Society of Gene Therapy - Scientific meetings
    Biotechnology Agency Baden-Wuerttemberg - Support for small business
    BioRegio - German government initiative
    BEO - Trade Fairs etc.
    Dechema - Chemical Industry Association, Germany
    BIO - Bio Industry Organization, USA

    Legal Services

    Derwent - Legal and Patent information, Japan
    JPO - Japanese Patent Office, MITI
    Monjunet - Japanese resource
    EPO - European Patent Office
    Gene technology law - Germany

    Technology Transfer

    Steinbeis-Stiftung - Technology transfer. Stuttgart, Germany
    MPI Garching Innovaiton: Patents, New technologies
    Recruit: Technology Management Division, Japan
    CASTI Center for Advanced Science and Technology Incubation, Tokyo


    Steinbeis Biotech Consult - Hands-on help for entrepreneurs and capitalists
    Biomedicine - Consulting/VC, Basel, Switzerland
    Cap Gemini Ernst & Young - Consulting - Japan Europe
    ATIP - Asia Technology Information Program
    Eurotechnology - IT/high tech consulting, Japan
    Bioscience Ventures Inc. - David Pallela, San Diego, USA
    EBD - European Business Development, USA


    Biotechnica - German trade fair by Deutsche Messe AG. Hannover
    Genius Biotech Award - Business plan competition
    RAD-AR - Council of drug companies, Japan
    GOR - Global Outsourcing Review Magazine
    Med-English - Translation, Osaka

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