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Would you like to find out some background information on and about the person maintaining the site? Or are you looking for technical details? If so, you are right here.

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  2. Motivation

    My main job is to illuminate the functions of a few novel genes in hematopoiesis, and I hope to receive a Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo for this research. My career plan is to join a biotechnology company and work in business development, particularly technology licensing to Japanese pharmaceutical companies. I hope the maintainance of this site will help me build a personal network, gain knowledge of the Japanese biotechnology industry and its leaders, and find contacts to potential employers in Europe. In this respect, I would highly appreciate any kind of feedback from your side.

  3. Technicalities

    If want to see Japanese characters but your computer doesn't display them properly, here is a need interface via Jim Breen's server. This should give you the main page BioJapan.html with proper Japanese characters, at the cost of speed and prettyness.
    For a more permanent solution, you need to get the right plug-in for your browser. Excellent help in German is here.

    News on this page are in chronological order, and the page is bound to grow very long over time.  You may want to use your browser's text search function to locate specific information. Abbreviations and news sources are listed in the legend
    I intend put the news articles into a searchable database in the future, but that is not a trivial programming task for a biologist, so it may take a long time.

  4. Furthermore

    If you are interested in the Japnese biotechnology industry, I hope you find these pages useful.
    I am maintaining this site in my free time, and my Japanese reading speed is still limited. The information presented here can at best give a glance at the scope of develpments. For improvents, I rely on your, the reader's, feedback. The scope and depth of informaiton will increase step by step.

    Again, do not hesitate to drop me a line inquiring about details, connections, personal contacts. The exposure I get from solving your problem is benificial to me too.

    If you distribute information from this site to your colleagues, please quote as the source.

    Finally, you are welcome to visit my personal pages, meet my friends or try out my bookmarks. Updated August 5, 2001 by Armin Rump