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If so, please post here a brief article with pertinent information on any recent relevant event in the Japanese biotechnology industry. (Long feature articles should be added to the feature archive - plese mail me how to.)

If I said "advertisement", I do not mean empty catch phrases. The purpose of this website is to provide impartial information. You should give useful information on the subject. Your information should be logically consistant, plausible and verifyable. Please provide facts, leave the judgement to the reader. Opinions are only appreciated if they are the opinion of persons with influence in the industry. Your best advertisement is good content with a hyperlink to your website. Use pictures with restraint - if at all.

Your article will be added to the database like all the other articles. New articles in the database are sent to subscribed members of the mail magazine roughly once a month.


News Article Submission

Future Event
In case you are are posting a future event, such as a trads fair, you should input the scheduled date of the event in the "Information dates from" column, and you don't need to specify any "Keywords".
Information Source:
Nikkey Shinbun
Nikkey Biobusiness
Nikkey Biotech
Asahi Shinbun
Yomiuri Shinbun
Other publication:
Personal: Name and affiliation
Please give a precise source of the information that can be verified. (The source may be non-Japanese, of course.)
Be sure to check the appropriate circle even if you fill in a text field.
Page no. If source is in print or an abstract brochure is available.
Information dates from:

For example, publication date of the original article, date of conference or such.
Must be supplied - if unknown, please give the approximate month and chose day OO.
Your Name:
Your name will be posted with the article if you supply it. Anonymous submission is possible - just leave blank, please do not give misleading information.
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Your mail address will NOT be posted on the web (unless you plainly mention it in your article - beware of junkmail!).
Your address will be mailed to the webmaster to keep track of things. For the sake of accountability, you MUST supply this information.
Please choose a short title for your article (max. 65 characters). I recommend a format like "Actor or Place: Event", for example: " Information to the point". Well, preferably not quite as blatantly self-promoting. Do not include formatting commands or pictures in the title, please.
R&D - product development and commercial research
Scientific Progress
Microbiology, microorganisms
Genetics or Genomics
Proteomics or Proteins
Bioinformatics, IT
Investment, Venture capital
Startup Companies
Mergers and acquisitions
Intellectual property, Patents
Business - profit numbers etc.
Regulatory, Legal or Adminstrative
Asia - other than Japan
Facilites, Plants and Sites
Please check ALL fileds to which the content of your article relates to. At least one cathegory MUST be checked. The keywords help visitors gather relevant articles.

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