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Do you need a text translated from or into Japanese?

Our speciality are technical and scientific texts. We have translated a number of company information sheets of German biotechnology, pharmaceutical and bioinformatics companies searching business partners or trying to market their technology in Japan.

We are a network of scientists, engineers and students living in Tokyo, some native to Japan, others coming from a variety of countries. English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Indonesian should be no problem, other languages may be arranged. Please inquire to make sure - not all people may be available all the time.

Price: Our aim is not a cheap price - our aim is high quality. We usually charge 26 Yen per word or 10 Yen per Japanese character, payable in Euro to a German account or in Yen in Japan.

Time: One week to make an offer, at best 2 weeks additional weeks to translate a short text (short = 2 pages).

Please send us a sample text so that we can make you a binding offer. Do not forget to mention your time horizon. We will tell you frankly and quickly if we cannot handle the text for lack of time or language skills.

For more information, please submit your questions or a sample text:
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Confidentiality: Your text will be treated strictly confidential. However, the internet is not secure: Emails may be intercepted, servers may be hacked and may have silent listeners. If this is a concern, you may send us your text by conventional mail or encrypted.

Updated June 2, 2003 by Armin Rump